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Top Portable Vaporizer Unit

With so many units out there, we often get asked what’s the best vaporizer, and this year, what the best vaporizer is. If you are not familiar with how a vaporizer works, check out the wikipedia vaporizer page or our own vaporizing intro article for a good summary. We have done a lot of vaporizer reviews over the last year but there has never been a question as to which one is best. Along the same lines, we also frequently get asked what is the best cheap vaporizer, and what is the best portable vaporizer, and recently, what is the best vaporizer?

Most people in the vaporizer industry agree on the answers to these questions and time has proven that these models are here to stay as the most popular units for vaporizing. Obviously personal preferences can vary from person to person, but this can be a starting point and you can decide for your own based on the reviews.

The Best Vaporizer:Volcano Vaporizer

The best vaporizer in the world is the $500+ Volcano Vaporizer. It is made in Germany and nobody dispute it’s quality. There are plenty of vaporizers on the market but if you want the best, the Volcano is what you get. It has never been contested, and we doubt it ever will. Quality comes with a price, and in this case the Rolls Royce of Vaporizers is the Volcano.

The Best Vaporizer For The Money aka the Best Cheap Vaporizer- Magic Flight Launch Box
There are plenty of mid-high range vaporizers that are a great deal in themselves, but we are talking the best vaporizer for the money and that usually doesn’t involve a higher end vaporizer. By far, the most popular cheap vaporizer is the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer. For around $120, you can have a totally stealth vaporizer that fits in the palm of your hand and is portable. Because of it’s price combined with a killer warranty, this unit is actually one of the best selling vaporizers on the market for those who have a lower budget in mind. While you can’t expect BMW quality for a Kia price, it gets the job done and is night and day healthier than combustion smoking.

The Best Portable Vaporizer : Pax Vaporizer

If you are looking for a high end portable vaporizer, your best bet right now is the brand new Pax Vaporizer which just came out a week ago. Made by a company based out of San Francisco, Pax is taking the Vaporizer World by storm right now because of its cool, modern, efficient design, along with it’s small size. With only two removable parts and a quick heat up time, the Pax honestly feels like it was designed by Apple.